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ELS Training Package

Getting all children to

read well, quickly.

Essential Letters and Sounds Training works on a subscription based model.

Schools signing up to the ELS training package will pay:

  • 1 form entry or smaller: £520 in year one and £320 in subsequent resubscription years

  • 2 form entry plus : £650 in year one and £400 in subsequent resubscription years

Re-subscription in subsequent years is significantly reduced to ensure ELS schools are able to continue to provide CPD to all existing staff and those new to the school

If you are part of a trust considering joining with a number of schools, please do get in touch

Please note- this is for the ELS Training package.

You will also require an ELS Teaching Subscription with Oxford University Press.

The ELS approach

The principles of Essential Letters and Sounds are based upon:

  • the delivery of whole class high-quality first teaching with well-structured daily lesson plans

  • the use of consistent terminology used by teachers, children and parents

  • the use of consistent resources that support the teaching of ELS

  • effective use of repetition throughout the programme

  • maximizing the impact of regular and manageable assessment to ensure that all children keep up rather than catch up.

The ELS "E" Model


The theory and pedagogy to support ELS


How to lead ELS in your school and know how to to support staff delivery of ELS


How to deliver ELS lessons in your school


How to use assessment to ensure all children make rapid progress 


How to ensure all children keep up rather than catch up


How to further develop the practice of teaching phonics in your school using ELS


As teachers and leaders, we understand the time pressures you face. To ensure ELS training can be delivered at a time and pace that suits your school, we provide a number of pre-recorded training episodes for all staff and additional virtual training for the ELS Leaders in your school.

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Secure practice


Pre-recorded training means staff can revisit the training to secure their practice. New staff can be trained at no additional cost.

A whole school approach

A whole-school ethos and fidelity to ELS is vital.

This is why whole school training in ELS is imperative.

Pre-recorded videos allow this to happen with ease and consistency

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Cost effective

* No travelling to a central training venue

* Short and concise videos that can be viewed in staff meetings, INSET days, twilight sessions or during release time

* No need for time out of class, taking away from precious learning time and no cover required

* One cost for the whole school

(small school discounts available)

Essential Letters and Sounds

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